What else would we do?

When given the choice to do what you are passionate about - you know that thing that expands you in a way where you can inspire another individual, touch another heart, near or far, down the street, across the country or around the globe - that thing that transforms ideas into reality, a tiny thought into a 2-hour soul stirring production, that minuscule vision that becomes 6,500 square feet school that inspires hundreds of dancers annually to unlock their greatness or give up on the challenge to be successful... 

When given the choice to do that thing that sparks creativity in the heart, the mind and the intuition, that energizes, reimagines and reinvents people, spaces and time, into who they can be, how they can become and the tempo and rhythm in which that energy, image and invention takes shape, or to allow possible to pass you by... 

When given the choice to live your life's calling, full, whole and complete or to live your life shrinking to fit into boxes by being an unremarkable version of yourself, which would you choose?

We choose to live with passion, to live our life's callings, to BE Remarkable, to BE Inventive, to BE Creative, to BE Inspiring! 

Which do you choose?


Those who chose to dance...

A great foundation...

BE Dance Studios is a great foundation for anyone looking to grow physically, mentally and emotionally as an artist or as a person.

— Naomi W.

An awesome place...

BE Dance Studios is an awesome place! My daughter looks forward to Saturday mornings, so she can attend dance class. It is a great place with nice and friendly teachers.

— Tonnisha W.

It's fun, hard work & motivating!

Class is fun, hard work and motivating! The performances are so good they move me to tears. Everything is so good! Really, really good!

— Maya C.


Our Facility & Community


BIG Opportunities

BE Dance Studios is growing and expanding its brand. There truly are a number of amazing opportunities for everyone. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a long time professional, looking for a hobby outlet or looking to launch your career, 2 years old or 89 years young, our programs have been developed with you in mind. No matter what age or stage in your training you are all that is required is that you have a "Growth Mindset", belief that you can improve, a desire to improve and have a willing spirit.

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